Chicken Meat

Chicken meat is Australia’s most consumed source of meat-based protein. With the lowest environmental footprint of all meats, and as the least expensive form of meat protein, Australian chicken is loved for its convenience, affordability, and versatility.

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Chicken Meat

Three billion dollar birds, and why their sleep cycles matter

Australia’s economy benefited from poultry farm production last year by $3.149 billion. Needless to say, AgriFutures Australia is doing all it can to propel this value in the future – through significant investments in research, development and extension (RD&E).

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CHICKEN MEAT / 31.01.23

Nutritionists, Microbiologists, and veterinarians wanted: Applications now open for AgriFutures Chicken Meat Advisory Panel

The AgriFutures Chicken Meat Program currently has four positions open to join its Advisory Panel. This exciting opportunity is open to growers, consultants, poultry veterinarians, poultry nutritionists, industry professionals and food safety specialists, with an interest in contributing to the profitability and sustainability of Australia’s chicken meat industry.

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CHICKEN MEAT / 22.12.22

AgriFutures Chicken Meat and Export Fodder Advisory Panel member recruitment

AgriFutures Australia is currently recruiting for positions across our Chicken Meat and Export Fodder Advisory Panels.

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CHICKEN MEAT / 01.11.22

Materiality assessment of Australia’s chicken meat industry identifies priorities for future investment

A comprehensive assessment of the priority areas for Australia’s chicken meat industry has provided crucial input to the development of the AgriFutures Chicken Meat Program RD&E Plan for the next five years. The results of the assessment highlighted the increasing importance of food safety, animal welfare and food security to industry participants and stakeholders alike.

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