Goat Fibre

The Australian goat fibre industry is made up of two sub-industries – mohair and cashmere – and product is used to manufacture fine, quality clothing and furniture fabrics.

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Goat Fibre

Calling all AgriFutures Australia growers and producers: you are invited to be a part of the inaugural Innovation Intensive Tour

Advancements in agricultural technology have enabled more informed decision-making about crops and livestock, eased traditionally labour-intensive tasks, reduced environmental impacts, and generated a range of efficiencies in production, processing and distribution.

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GOAT FIBRE / 13.07.21

Collaboration opens doors to “big picture” research

Adding value to the thousands of levy payers across our industries is a key driver for research, development and extension (RD&E) at AgriFutures Australia. Now more than ever, collaboration will drive the way we deliver research outcomes for farmers and producers, who often face similar issues across related industries and in their own-mixed farming enterprises.

By John Smith, AgriFutures Australia, General Manager Research

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GOAT FIBRE / 24.11.20

Moral fibre

Australia’s mohair industry is a small player compared to the likes of wool but it’s still looking to kick major goals on the sustainable playing field.

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GOAT FIBRE / 20.08.20

Sustainable goat handling guidelines to prepare producers for market expectations

New guidelines on sustainable goat fibre production released by AgriFutures Australia aim to help goat fibre producers meet customer expectations around animal health and welfare, social welfare and environmental stewardship.

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