Pasture Seeds

Temperate pasture seed production is concentrated in south-eastern Australia and south-west WA. There are approximately 500 growers of temperate pasture seed in Australia. Lucerne dominates pasture seed production, accounting for 60% of certified pasture seed produced.

Lucerne crop

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Pasture Seeds

The seed that stalled despite high value potential, and the project to unearth greater productivity

Despite the pasture seed industry in Tasmania being the state’s second largest non-food agricultural export, over the last two decades yields of one of the dominant high-value seed crops, white clover, have flat-lined. AgriFutures Australia is proud to be funding new research to advance the potential of this crop.

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PASTURE SEEDS / 04.04.23

From paddock to the lab: send in your bluegreen aphid samples this Autumn

Growers and agronomists across Australia are being called on to send in samples of bluegreen aphids after research has confirmed further spread of insecticide-resistant populations.

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PASTURE SEEDS / 09.12.22

Pasture seeds tour shines a light on the value of farm diversity

A tour of leading, innovative farms and rural enterprises in South Australia has inspired pasture seed growers to think differently about the opportunities for their businesses and provided a valuable industry networking opportunity.

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PASTURE SEEDS / 02.11.22

Calling all AgriFutures Australia growers and producers: you are invited to be a part of the inaugural Innovation Intensive Tour

Advancements in agricultural technology have enabled more informed decision-making about crops and livestock, eased traditionally labour-intensive tasks, reduced environmental impacts, and generated a range of efficiencies in production, processing and distribution.

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