If you have access to a computer, the internet, and an hour or two per day to invest in you and your family’s future I have a solution.

Being a mother of 4 I am busy with the day to day chores of carpool, school lunch, dance classes and Karate… sound familiar? Searching the internet one day for opportunities to work from home I wandered into a site I ended up researching all day. Becoming an Affiliate.

With a step by step process I became an affiliate, set up a pay account, and started marketing my link in under an hour…. at this point your probably thinking, I am a stay at home mom, how am I going to learn to do all this and still take care of the kids? The how to tutorial made it simple. I started the tutorial and if something interrupted me I just hit pause. I set up my accounts as I was listening! I believe every mom has an hour in her day she can align the stars and make money for her family. Today I created a website as well, even better…. I don’t have to manage it, all I did was listen to the tutorial which walked me through creating this money maker then it showed me how to forward it to the site that was already built! Becoming an affiliate sounds…. lets be honest kind of boring. When I found out I could be an affiliate in any arena that was exciting! Making money in the Travel, Scrapbook, Diet & Nutrition you name it there are thousands of companies who will pay you to direct people to their sites!

When do I have time to do this? I literally go on the internet after everyone is in bed, take 2 hours and work hard, when the kids wake up…. ready to be a mom. Making money does not have to take away from family time…

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