“Living encased in a glass box is cool if you are into watching everyone else around you experience life.”

[Morgan Montgomery]

Five Steps To Money Power

It is not enough just to make money. Unless you set some aside regularly, the money you make will do nothing but get you by. Independence requires money you can use to:

* Make dreams come true

* Get you out of a jam

* Give you freedom to make choices

* Keep you safe

* Make a difference

A stash is money that is set aside and growing. It is not just those coins that you save in a jar under the bed. It is money that grows from interest earned and assets that become more valuable as time goes by. Everyone has got what it takes to create a stash. Start with small goals and work your way up from there. With a large enough stash, money starts to make money while you sleep. You can do this. Get in the habit if you are serious about independence.


Setting aside money for the sake of accumulating money is pretty boring. Money is the vehicle that allows you to put your dreams in place. But a vision is a plan on paper that makes the dreams you have in your head tangible and attainable.


There are at least two ways to think about what you are worth. And you need to keep them both in mind.

*Your Inner Worth

Your inner worth has no price tag. You are in charge of this. Take yourself seriously and force others to take you seriously too. How highly to you regard yourself? Everyone has value by virtue of being human and taking up space on earth.

* Your Net Worth

Your net worth is easier to keep track of. Your net worth is calculated quite simply. What you OWN minus what you OWE.


You have to understand the culture and speak the language of the businesses you are going to undertake to master your economic destiny. You need to understand & know the answers to these:

What is profit, net income, an asset, negative gearing, zoning, land valuation etc? Business language is not for use some day in the distant future; it is part of your present life, right now.


Once source of income is not enough. The trick to building a lifelong income big enough to support your dreams is to create more than one source of income and manage that income with a plan.

If you want maximum freedom you will need to implement your crazy/ weird/ original/wonderful ideas to start building your stash!


The next issue may seem confusing and contradictory. Much about the independent life often is. Having been introduced to the secrets that encourage you to MAKE MONEY, why not assume that a companion secret would encourage you to indulge in an orgy of consumption? Buy till you die?

This big secret will offer part of the answer to this conundrum. But the truth is that if you are to be money conscious, you must also be conscious of your level of materialism.

Are things important to you? Do you equate who you are with what you have? Brazen materialists don’t often wind up on the roster of the rich list because people who are really into “things” are by definition DEPENDENT.

They are dependent on their possessions to tell everyone who they are. So you are cool only if you wear designer clothes and drive the latest 4WD?? Materialists are dependent on their “things” to tell the world that they are important!

You have to be careful with things. So every time you want an extravagant “thing” ask yourself these questions:

1. Does what I buy undermine my goals to manage my money and build a long-term asset base?

2. Will this purchase now prevent me from investing in something more important later?

Navigating the waters of materialism is hard work and requires the steel will of the confirmed independent, the person who can make up their own mind about what they want and need rather than cave in to peer pressure, marketing mantras or their own fleeting impulses.


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